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Financial Security Planning for Your Bucket List  |  May 8, 2018

Article Summary  
* Once you have a bucket list, you’ll need to consider how to finance your goals. 
* Mutual fund investing is an option that can help fund your dreams. 
* It’s important to understand the fees associated with mutual fund investing and the professional advice that an investment representative provides. 

Establish savings habits with professional advice 
You deserve to live the life you want. Whether that means living life to the fullest right now or having the freedom to choose your own course in the future, it’s your journey. 

For many of us, that journey involves a bucket list. 

To make sure you can check those experiences off one-by-one, you need a plan to help you have the finances you need to get there. 

Where do I start? 
Investing can be complex. When you’re faced with so many choices, it can be confusing. A financial security advisor and an investment representative can help you cut through the noise. Their role is to understand your vision and help you create a financial security plan that is suited to your needs. They’ve got in-depth knowledge and access to resources to help guide you in the right direction. Your investment representative will help you create a plan that’s custom built to reflect your investment goals. They’re there for the long-run to help you stick to your plan and establish savings habits that pay off down the road. 

Mutual funds can help 
Many Canadians choose mutual funds as the foundation of their investment plan. Mutual funds allow you to pool your savings with other individuals in a portfolio of investments that’s managed by professional money managers. Because of the large amount of money in the pool, mutual funds can diversify your portfolio more widely than you may be able to do when investing on your own. 

A small cost for long-term gains 
While your investment representative helps you adjust your plan as your life evolves, they also partner with other professionals to deliver your funds while keeping your best interest front of mind. Like any professional service, this added value comes with a cost. Watch this short video and see how this value is calculated. 

You have choices when you’re building your investment portfolio. Have a discussion with an advisor. Having a plan in place and surrounding yourself with professionals who can help make it happen could be one of the best decisions you make. 

And, when you know you’re on the right track, you can spend more time checking off your bucket list. 

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